The right home loan can literally change the trajectory of your life. It can help a member of the military buy the house of their dreams after they have returned from defending us. It can help a family remodel their home to make it feel more like home. Finding the right loan, though? That’s where the process can become a little difficult.

At Michelle McGregor Home Loans, we think that the lending process should be straightforward, honest, and dependable from beginning to end. With more than a decade of experience, we’ve helped people from all walks of life to get conventional mortgages, FHA loans, jumbo loans, USDA loans, VA loans, and doctor’s loans. We’re aware the process can often be confusing and a little intimidating. That’s why we take the time to help you find a loan that’s right for you, as well as understand the terms.

We’re proud to be ranked by Mortgage Executive Magazine as one of the Top 50 Best Companies and as one of the Top 100 Largest Lenders. We’re even prouder to have the opportunity to help those in Dallas, and we’re dedicated to treating each client as if their loan were our own. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today.